The research

Research on 8 key competences in the project “Enterprising and surprising through 8 Key Competences”

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project “Enterprising and surprising through 8 key competences” (ES8KEYCOM) is implemented in order to develop a new method of non-formal education – Competence game, which will promote and develop 8 lifelong learning competences.

First part of this project is to make research (qualitative and quantitative) in each partner country about 8 competencies that will be used in the development of interactive game. The aims of the research are: to find out how much youngsters and experts know about 8 key competences, what is the level of understanding of what 8 key competences are and where they are used and how youngsters recognise competences in themselves and how they evaluate development level of competences in themselves and how they evaluate competences from the perspective of the employer. And what would be the most effective way how to include 8 competences in the game.

Research was made in two parts, first – qualitative research, 10 experts and/or decision makers from different business fields and organizations (IT, NGO, retail, manufacturing, cultural enterprise, service field, etc.) in each country were interviewed about the most necessary competences, about 8 key competences and competences that employers require from employees and about a gap that takes place between youngsters and labor market. Overall, 40 people were interviewed from January 2016 to the end of February 2016. These were 10 experts from each country – Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, Spain.

And the second part – quantitative research, survey for youngsters age 13 – 25 about 8 key competences and how they have developed these competences in themselves and how they think how employers would expect on what level these competences should be developed in employees. Also youngsters were asked about their learning habits and favorite games. In total 430 surveys were analysed, 130 are from Latvia, 100 – from Estonia, 100 – from Croatia, and 100 – from Spain. Surveys were collected in the period from December 2015 to the end of February 2016.

Download report: Research report ES 8 KEYCOM